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Seriously! Or did you find everything you were looking for? Actually no, come to think of it now that I've emptied my entire cart onto the belt I think I'll go do some more shopping. Please hold one moment!


or 25....

It's early but I can already tell it's going to be another one of those mornings where I'm not rich and famous

If you unfollow me, it must be because you are sick of seeing my awesomeness all over the place and I understand that.

I have no idea how you managed to pack all of that arrogance, self-pity, sense of worth, and self-entitlement into yourself.. All I can say is how efficient of you.. kk

And that your dishes are done...and your kids are fed...and you showered..We all know someone who does this!

Oh yes, from both sides of the fence! Most people don't think Moms OR Childcare workers actually work! I dare someone to try either for a week & then tell me that!

How I feel when attendings don't discharge/sign off patients



Sorry for slacking on the Bitch Quotes lately, but damn today do I feel bitchy! Fuck everyone ladies, and do you.

Funny but true

Raising a teenager is like getting pecked to death by a chicken.

The most expensive part of raising teenagers is the amount of alcohol we have to buy to tolerate them.

The beauty of parenting; and the beauty of getting older is that you know if you were raising your kids now--you would do this in a heartbeat! hahaha. I WOULD. Phewy on how nice I was back in the day:):)

I can't stop laughing. This will play over and over in my head for eternity.

This is either going to be a great success, or we're going to have a great story to tell. So basically, we're on the verge of greatness.


Haha. Love this! ;)

stressed ecards | Funny eCards – Yes, You’re Going To Laugh

haha...except that's not an option for good teachers! We must be productive or be eaten alive by the little ones!

Lmao yes