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  • Serenity :)

    Walmart's Corrupt Management Structure -- As they continue to cut hours to help save money and try to do more with less Wal-Mart will soon hit a breaking point. Having alienated many of their workers, the unqualified ones they promoted will be ill prepared to handle the ones who got screwed over when they ultimately fight back. Wal-Mart won't care though, they view everyone one as expendable and in this economy they could theoretically replace everyone if they had to.

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Time for a new order taker. And maybe a decorator, too. :-)

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Walmart is devouring our food system

SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE. This is REAL guys! The CEO wages alone.... are you kidding me??!!?!! I could go on but I really don't think you need me to.

  • Jessica Pinter

    Dont do it cold turkey Shauna. Buy what you have to from there. And for other things look for value rather then price.

  • Jessica Pinter

    I press ent by accident. I was going to say... a $5 tshirt that is stretched out and useless after 5 washes cost $1 per wear. A $20 that is washed once a week for six months cost $0.77 per wear.

  • Katie Draper

    All that being said, Wa-Mart, in most cases has the lowest price on a lot of normally expensive things.

  • Tina N Jamie

    After I watched the documentary "The high cost for, low price", I cut my trips to Walmart from once a week to once every other month it's sickening. But they do have the lowest prices on some of the items my family uses. I feel bad sometimes when I'm in there.

  • Danielle Rapposelli

    I'm not sure what target you shop at but mine certainly isn't double the price. If you have a smartphone the cartwheel app is a godsend and there's no need to buy name brand. The fact argent brand groceries is way better than most anyway.

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Fair Trade puts a shame on US democratic capitalism. americans are paranoid of anything social when it has nothing ado with communism but humanism, civility, civilization. Benjamin Harrison stated in 1891 "i pity the man who wants a coast so cheap [he foresaw walmart culture] that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process."

which is why I avoid it like the plague because I really don't need any help with losing that feeling.

Unfortunately, no mention of the fact that, while they don't pay their regular workers a living wage, the CEOs, etc. could easily take a pay cut and still live extremely comfortable lives! I simply won't shop there unless I'm desperate because I won't support such nonsense! Costco is much better!

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