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The Finger Lakes were created by glaciers thousands of years ago, which scoured the earth, leaving finger-like lakes surrounded by hills.

Finger Lakes Winery on Seneca Lake

Finger Lakes, NY

Rice Hill in Taughannock Falls State Park is one of the best sledding hills in the Finger Lakes. This photo, from the warming hut, looks out over the hill and Cayuga Lake, the largest lake in the Finger Lakes.

The river birch is a native tree to the Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes from Space by visitfingerlakes, in western and central New York State

Magical afternoon light hits Cavern Cascade. - finger lakes

Buttermilk Falls Sate Park | Upstate New York | Finger Lakes Region

Many of the roads in the Finger Lakes at very steep. This is one of them. But the view of the hills beyond is fantastic.

Rural scenes like this one in Tioga County, New York are common in the Finger Lakes.

February tends to be the coldest month of the year. In certain parts of the Finger Lakes, temperatures can dip down to -20°F, but this doesn't happen every year.

Hiking is a popular activity in the Finger Lakes at any time of the year. This is the Finger Lakes Trail through Robinson Hollow State Forest in Richford (Tioga County) on 17 March 2013. There were 30 hikers in this group. For more information about Richford, visit http://www.ilovethefingerlakes.com/countiesandtowns/tiogacounty-richford.htm.

Taughannock Falls State Park is located in the Town of Ulysses (Tompkins County), New York on State Route 89. The boat launch leads directly into Cayuga Lake, the largest lake in the Finger Lakes region. For more information about Taughannock Falls State Park, visit http://www.ilovethefingerlakes.com/recreation/stateparks-taughannockfalls.htm.

Commonly called Taughannock Falls, this is technically the middle falls in Taughannock Falls State Park. It is the longest falls east of the Mississippi River and longer than Niagara Falls. Taughannock Creek is a tributary to Cayuga Lake, the largest lake in the Finger Lakes. For more information about Taughannock Falls, visit http://www.ilovethefingerlakes.com/recreation/stateparks-taughannockfalls.htm

Michigan Creek in the Danby State Forest, Danby (Tompkins County), New York. Photo was taken from a bridge called Diane's Crossing along the Finger Lakes Trail. For more information about the Finger Lakes Trail, visit http://www.fltconference.org/trails/.

Many Americans heat with wood during the winter. Heating with wood is common in rural parts of the Finger Lakes because of the large number of forests in the area.