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Autocorrects - Gramps ok to visit tonight? Have some things to drop around to you and the girlssure thing. You gonna bang Gran? Would like to, but she shut up shop years agoOMG I meant bring. BRING Granfigured that. I was having a joke Greg don't give yourself a heart attack. And Gran is coming if she can stop laughing by thenkill me now. I don't ever what to look at you or Gran again.


How I fold fitted sheets

Seriously, what normal human can actually fold these things??


Confused mom is confused.

You don't run the google? lol

CollegeHumorfrom CollegeHumor

A Mom Texts Her Son About The Google Logo Changing And His Response is A+

you don't run the google?

Nerves Are Overrated: Celebrities Refuse to Ditch Their Skinny Jeans

Hahaha that is hilarious.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

23 Mom Texts That Make You Go "MAAAHM!"

That sounds like something I would do if I was really tired!!


Texting mom

TOO MUCH!!!! too hilarious.