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of all the koi tattoos ive seen and found online, i like this the best. simple, bold, brilliant

Resonate Animal series_01 • Silent Studios | Silent Records • Art Direction, Design & Illustration by Si Scott

Shoulder koi tattoo. I like the way the superimposed wave breaks up the piece and adds drama.

Japanese Tattoos Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

very generally, they represent good luck in japan. in china different numbers of fish, including koi, represent different kinds of luck i.e. 9 koi or 9 fish, means good financial luck.

Paul's Tattoo Studio - Gallery

Horiyoshi III Carp The subject here is Horiyoshi III himself, as tattooed by his master Horiyoshi II. The scene is a fantasy of ocean waves and wind, eddies and whirlpools, all celebrating the persistence and fortitude of the heroic carp. The Japanese Tattoo - Sandi Fellman

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Koi tattoo - really like the abstract-ish waves