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    Bonsai Tree

    Purple Azalea Bonsai - I'd love to get a Bonsai tree like this one!! I have the perfect place for it even!

    Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree - a flowering indoor tree!


    Pine bonsai

    Pine Tree Bonsai

    Bonsai tree.

    Pine Bonsai

    I like evergreen bonsai, but deciduous trees are even more beautiful! Hope to have a deciduous one someday.

    Bonsai de uma sequoia vermelha.

    Very elegant stylized Black Pine Bonsai

    The Camellia Bonsai Tree is a unique tree that blooms again and again with deep red to pink blossoms from late fall to early spring and many love to keep them as part of their patio decorations! Do you need a healthy dose of color during the cold winter months? This tree, known affectionately by experts as the “Hot Flash”, will certainly not let you down. It is a slow growing evergreen, that is consistently a costumer favorite. See more bonsai trees for sale at www.nurserytreewh...!

    Mugo pine

    gardenslovers.tum... #bonsai

    Pine Bonsai.  Japan.


    Pine Bonsai

    Bonsai Tree

    Ginko Bonzai Tree

    The Gardenia Bonsai Tree is known and loved for the splendid, white flowers that bloom from its branch March through June. They are popular Mother's Day Gifts and add color to any home decor! The flowers have a texture like a fine, white suede that produce a wonderful fragrance that has been used to make perfumes for centuries. The dark green foliage combined with the white of the flowers is sure to throw a splash of color and scent where you need it most!