What a fun way to learn about adjectives. Just be sure to bring some popcorn along for a snack!

adjective fries

This is a great idea to show student how to expand sentences...She also has ideas to use for older students as well.

Adjectives-great idea for finding adjectives. Use different objects or things.

Would be neat to do as hands on way of teaching adjectives, verbs, and nouns.

What do writers write? Nice visual to display ideas generated in initial writing lessons.

adjectives: 5 senses

This is a cheap and simple way to practice plurals with students: write the noun on the sentence strip, fold the right hand corner to cover up whatever gets taken away on the reform of the word, then write the new ending that makes the word plural.

Teaching Students about Adjectives!

Adjectives activity.

Writing a paragraph hamburger will help the kids understand Narrative writing.

adjectives tell us {anchor chart}

Adjectives tell us... Great anchor chart

For teaching fairy tale elements


15 mins activity sticks

Good idea!

FREE Parts of Speech Poster, Flipbook Activity, and Lesson Ideas~ This easy, colorful flipbook can help your students learn about the parts of speech. The blog article at Layers of Learning also has a Parts of Speech poster and lots of quick, easy lessons that will streamline your grammar instruction!

Love this adjective anchor chart!- could make this- THEN play "silent ball" having them come up with color adjectives, smell adjectives, etc.

Need to do this from the beginning this year.

Vocabulary Journal- Make this page into a vocabulary book and use it all year!--Teaching Madness