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That one friend…

Hahahaha I'm that one friend When asked to preform "Fresh Prince" Will Smith doesn't miss a beat. Best friend photoshoot sister/bestfriend t.

When Kim Kardashian cries. I've seen this! Hahaha, love Kourtney.

When Kim Kardashian cries.

Funny pictures about Ugly crying face. Oh, and cool pics about Ugly crying face. Also, Ugly crying face.

How I Think I Look When I Go Jogging

How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging. How I look when I go jogging.

freaking hilarious...absolutely loved this show.

Things you can say to your dog, but not your girlfriend. One of my all-time favorite shows.


Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

Haha- this is for you grace and Delaney!

i'd love to have a sleepover with michael phelps.or any one of the guy on the olympic US mens swim team.

SNL single ladies

Saturday Night Live's Funniest Christmas Sketches

Saturday Night Live, Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan playing backup dancers to Beyoncé for 'Single Ladies' video. One of my all time fav skits! "we're the dancers.

It's opposite at my house; my kids call me by their teachers' names. I just tell them to call me, "Mrs. Mom."

"Did you really just call me mom? and grandma, and dad, and grandpa.i've had them all haha" Even better when mom says student called them your name!

how different people get scared! made me laugh SO hard

how different people get scared [popped on my FB]

he: NIGHTMARES FEAR FACTORY in Niagara Falls, Canada. illustrates this point by taking a picture of people at a particulary terrifying moment in their haunted house. But its obviously pretty scary :D

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

Expand this -- SO good!! Hahah!

Omgosh, too funny! Nailed it! For all of us who see idea's on pintrest and then are totally able to nail it! laugh out loud funny

HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 v.2 - MAD ANTS HALFTIME SHOW by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders

So much awesomeness! Seriously, a bunch of dudes confident enough to dress as cheerleaders and dance pretty darn well at the halftime. Better than the shows I've seen. Not gonna lie, guys that dance: massively sexy.

haha I do not miss PE

hahaha that was so me in gym class =) . it took me 40 years but glad I finally love running!

Oh my word....I have never seen anything so accurate in my life.

Oh my word.I have never seen anything so accurate in my life. Just a few reasons not to like the beach. I LOVE the IDEA of the beach. But the sad reality of the beach is just that.