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  • sonali bihadra

    Horoscope of people born in 4th October finds the health, body, love etc. Horoscope check out the future of persons. Opal means hope, innocence and purity .Opals are black or white in colour with variations of other colours within the stone.

  • sonali bihadra

    #Astrology is the best part of #horoscope. Free daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, #Chinese horoscopes, love astrology.2014 horoscopes, compatibility and more. It will tell your traits, features, future which is very much true ink...

  • Deme Joyce


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En la Edad Media se creía que había una relación médica entre los signos zodiacales y las partes del cuerpo humano, frecuentemente ilustrada en los manuales de medicina: Aries, cabeza; Taurus, cuello; Géminis, hombros y brazos; Cáncer, pecho y pulmones; Leo, estómago; Virgo, hígado y vientre; Libra, ancas, vejiga y riñones; Escorpión, genitales; Sagitario, muslos; Capricornio, rodillas; Acuario, pantorrillas; Piscis, pies.

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