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Titel; in mori momentum, mixed media on canvas, size 80*60cm, 2016, By;Ole Mejlvang Hedeager,

Pastel portrait tutorial......made simpel...hope you can use it...enjoy!! 2013. Ole Mejlvang Hedeager.

Pastel on velour paper by; Ole Mejlvang Hedeager, Denmark, by unikart

Titel; Game of thrones princess Pastel on velour paper,, By; Ole Mejlvang hedeager

Tittel; Is forgiveness possible?. A very personal drawing that reflects a difficult time in my life. The sick wounded crippled body, grow a hope out of ... from the heart. But will it ever grow out completely? Pastel on valourpaper. 2011. A3 size 30 * 40 cm. Of; Ole Mejlvang Hedeager.

This year`s last drawing!.....James Dean, portrait drawing by; Ole M Hedeager, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

The fear of Mr. Green Pastel on velour paper, By; Ole M. Hedeager,, 2014