Swiss Roll Snack Cakes or Twinkies (for the car) Marshmallow Bunny Peeps (the drivers!) Gummy Life Savers or Sour Rings (wheels and steering wheels) Mini sandwich cookies (wheels) M's, Sprees, or Sweet Tarts (headlights) Pez (license plates) Halved gummy rings or cookies (seat back) Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting (for the glue)

Quick & Easy Chocolate Dipped Peeps Pops #PEEPS #Easter #Pops

Easter Bunny Racecars - Holidays

Easter treats :) cheese balls!!! How cute?!?!!

Bunny Treats

easter treats


Peeps <3

Cute idea for peeps!

Peep cake

Cutest. Snack. Ever. Chickie eggs are fun for #Easter or an after-school snack.

15 yummy Easter treats! #Easter

Bunny breakfast

Easter Bunny Racecars ---------- Here come the Easter bunnies speeding down the bunny trail!! All you need is Twinkies, bunny Peeps, large marshmallows, small round pretzels, M&Ms, and frosting or decorator icing for glue. Here comes mine, V-room, v-room!!

Reminds me of the Easter cakes sold by local bakeries when I was a kid!

easter snacks

Peeps + Pretzels ~ Cute idea for Easter! Dip pretzels in DCD Chef Series chocolate and top it off with a peep! What a great idea!


Peep Pops

Easter treats for kids

Easter Bunny Rolls...Oh I gotta make these for Easter dinner this year! :)