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    • Antonio Arrieta

      "People don't always need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold,an ear to listen, and a heart to understand them" #quote #life

    • tess reyes

      Food for thought.

    • Yvonne Escobar

      This reminds me of myself and the special friends I have who totally understand this concept... sometimes a hug goes way farther than words.

    • Annika Homann

      something to remember. This is so true. MrsC you were good that the ear to listen and heart to understand.

    • Grace Harwood

      This is one of my favorite quotes... It is so true!

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    I need to remember this.

    “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz

    You know what your weakness is? You have so much love in you-too much. You give & give & you give till you have nothing left. Till your blood runs dry & your bones lie naked, yet you would gladly give your bones away. You have nothing but love brimming in you, but that love was never for yourself.

    bring it.

    You wanna know what living life to the fullest actually is?

    Eat dessert first---I learned this when I retired and didn't have to worry about when to get up, or have to go out in the snow---yeah!

    so strange....

    F. Scott Fitzgerald ❥