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Wave Sport Ethos River Trekking Kayak $1029.00 - Wave Sport Ethos Kayak has a stable, forgiving, performance-minded crossover platform. It is designed with a lot of whitewater performance features. Ethos offers outstanding comfort on long, multi-day river treks due to the roomy cockpit, sizable gear-storage space, and Wave Sport’s new, highly adjustable outfitting system. #whitewater #kayak #riverkayak #Colorado #wavesport #ad


Recreational? Whitewater? Sea? What's the difference? This article explains how to select the perfect kayak for your needs.

If you're looking for whitewater kayaks, the best way to find one is online. When buying a white water kayak however, make sure you purchase one from a shop that specializes in white water kayaking gear.

Liquidlogic Stomper 90 Creek Boat - $1098.95 - Stomper Creek Boat is a great design from Liquidlogic. It all started in North Carolina on the Green River. Developing the Stomper began by blending the speed, stability and rolling ability of the Remix Series with the bomber construction, safety, and boofability of the Jefe Series.#kayak #Creeker #whitewater #liquidlogic #ad

Necky Vector 14 Sit-On-Top Kayak $1099.99 - Necky Vector 14 SOT – Extra hull length allows this touring ocean kayak to track straight and fast across the water, while the carefully balanced contour shape provides rock-solid primary and secondary stability that allow you to tip and edge this boat just like a performance sea kayak. Most recreational sit-on-tops might feel slow and lumbering on open water, but this boat hauls you and your gear with efficiency so you can go just a little further…