karenhealey: “ artofsekhmet: “ repair-her-armor: “ urjabhi: “ Concepts for “The Lord of the Rings Online” by Wesley Burt. Female armor video game concepts that don’t.


m Barbarian shield Sword-of-jehammed Final by Marko-Djurdjevic on deviantART

Great barbarian costume idea

Kings of the realm by Grafit-art fighter barbarian axe sword armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

I'm not sure if this would be considered medieval, but I'll put it here anyway.

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(I keep forgetting to do this but... XD) this is my main outfit (when I'm not in requip gear) ~Ellie

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シリの初期デザインやトリスの衣装など、「The Witcher 3」の貴重な未公開アートワークとレンダーイメージが公開 « doope!…

シリの初期デザインやトリスの衣装など、「The Witcher

Strength 17 Agility 13 Stamina 16 Personality 12 Intelligence Luck 13 Survived the Plague: all magical healing received Saves: Fort Reflex Will Fights with a.