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Glass fish snake


jelly fish.

Gold Fish

cardinal fish with eggs

Goby fish

Star pufferfish and cleaner shrimp. Notice the shrimp in this fishes' mouth. There are small fish and shrimp that live off of eating parasites and such off of larger fish. There are photos out there of them cleaning diver's teeth!

Mating Mandarin Fish

State fish of hawaii . Trigger fish.

the monk and the snake

Red Spotted Rockskipper aka - Blue-dashed Rockskipper (Blenniella periophtalmus) This small blenny is only about 3 cm long, and has found himself a home in a hole under encrusting corals. Picture taken in Kume jima, a small island close to Okinawa, Japan, 3 m deep, on top of a very lively reef. #LIFECommunity From Pin Board #17

Glass Winged Butterfly


I love elephants!

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Herman, the world's biggest bunny.

Unusual . . .

giant anteater


The Laughing Owl, also known or referred to, as The Whēkau Owl or the White-faced Owl, was an endemic owl found in New Zealand, but is now believed almost extinct.

Strange and Unusual Animals