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Liberal Democrats never learn | Wolfe | Columnists | Opinion | Edmonton Sun

During an oil Recession, Rachel Notley, the NDP Premier of Alberta has attacked Family run farms with Bill 6, hurting other industries. Rachel Notley wants to shut down several coal plants in Alberta and make us Albertans, during a bad recession to pay for their new power plants, using the 7% Carbon...

The US-Canadian border literally runs through the middle of the Haskell Free Library in Derby Line, Vermont (and Stanstead, Quebec).

The pathology of the victim mentality really is striking. Streep tries to convince us Hollywood is one of the most vilified segments of American society, (She also implies Hollywood is a center for the arts. Well, only under the most populist definition - which means not at all).

Parliament has three parts: the Monarch (our Head of State, represented by the Governor General), the Senate and the House of Commons. These three parts work together to decide on policies and laws and examine the pressing issues of the day.

The Grand Harbor Lighthouse on Fish Fluke Point, Ross Island Canada, was built in 1879, a square wooden tower 32-feet tall with the Keeper’s dwelling attached. Its fixed-white catoptric light was visible for 11 miles in clear weather. It was closed in 1963 when a replacement lighthouse went up on the nearby Ingalls Head breakwater, then smashed hard by the Groundhog Day Gale in 1976. It has not been repaired since, prompting calls by locals and lighthouse aficionados for ownership to be…

HE WAS NOT BORN IN THE UNITED STATES!! Unlike President Obama WAS BORN in the United States....oh but that's different because he's Black!! Cruz and his Racist Followers are some of the worst people in the U.S. HE WILL NEVER, EVER be President of The United States! NEVER!

Fox News lost it's license in Canada because you can't tell lies and be a news station there. So Tell Me, WTFDTM ??

A circular homestead calendar is a great tool to help you plan a year of planting and other work around your homestead. You can also use it to record data.