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Playing with Mumma <3

Hyena mother and cub playing.well, glad my mom didnt play with me like that!



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Hyena, Lion, Leo, Lions

Sunrise hyena by Mogens Trolle / 500px

Sunrise hyena by Mogens Trolle /

Hyena, Wild Dogs, Lion, Leo, Lions

Spotted Hyena - proficient hunter, female dominant society, willing scavenger, very strong bite.

On Zambia’s Liuwa Plain, two spotted hyenas begin their lives.

Spotted hyena cub (sex not yet determined) born at Colchester Zoo. Photo courtesy of Colchester Zoo.

Spotted Hyena at Dawn

On an early morning game drive, we saw this young spotted hyena in the far distance. He seemed curious, and started walking towards us. He was even polite enough to cross the road and relax in the better light.