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Thanks, Steve. by Jonathan Mak

jonathan mak apple design Hong Kong student behind Steve Jobs Apple logo tribute lands Coca Cola ad project

évolution des logos apple

Apple logo HISTORY/morph/timeline (via AI Online.edu): 1976 Newton by Ronald Wayne > apple rainbow by Rob Janoff > 1984 adjusted by Landor Assoc. > 1998 flattened to monochrome black > 2001 glass aqua blue > 2007 sheen silver chrome

poster cool 91 - Google 検索

It's creative to use the broken plate to form a tree shape. The negative space is working well in contrasting with the plate. Also, the plate is shattered in the perfect way to create an interesting tree shape out of the dark background.

GUESS WHO? ALBERT EINSTEIN http://design-union.ru/authors/practice/what2do/383-noma-bar  Commissioned by The Economist for a cover story about 100 years of Einstein. Though the illustration was never printed, Bar considers this a perfect example of combining two icons, which results in something that is ‘almost like a logo.’ Einstein’s famously unkempt hair and the atomic symbol, with the molecules as eyes, for this famous face.

Albert Einstein, one of artist Noma Bar’s brilliant minimalist portraits of cultural icons

Apple logo is designed by using the golden ration

And finally…the Apple logo. 37 Insanely Clever Logos With Hidden Meanings Possibly the most subliminally elegant logo of all time.

hand wash ad.

"Whose hand are you holding"?An awesome print execution for Dettol hand sanitizer that focuses on the gross factor.

Piezas publicitarias - El Diseño gráfico

This poster, focuses more on the affects of alcohol on the brain, and how it can cause serious affects on the roads. The joystick shows the maze of gear changes and how much alcohol affects the brain. The brain is also the shape of the gearbox.

気づくと楽しい、ダブルミーニングの広告 - ARTRICKS(アートリックス)

Advertising campaign for Colsubsidio Book Exchange, using negative space to depict a second story within the first. (Here: Snow White/Sherlock Holmes.) Produced by