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Gilad de Vries is vice president, brands and agencies at Outbrain. Before joining Outbrain he served as VP of Digital Media and Principal at Carmel Ventures, one of Israel's top venture capital firms. Lately, it's impossible to open a newsletter, check Google alerts, or visit any news sites w...

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How Social Media Will Change the Olympics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infográfico que ilustra como as midias sociais influenciam na experiência entre fãs e atletas e como foi a evolução da cobertura dos Jogos Olímpicos desde os Jogos Olímpicos da Era Moderna. #Londres2012

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Social Media Tools and Technology-101 magic tools and technology tips

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The New SEO Rules in a Content Marketing World

Content marketing, SEO and your site's architecture & code can't live in separate fiefdoms any more. Actually, they never should have -- they've always been highly symbiotic. But today, companies who really get it are winning in SEO. Next, all that organic search traffic lowers their avg CPA, providing cashflow to outbid weaker competitors in PPC and other marketing programs. Yet content needs to be GOOD, and most of it is just rehashed noise.

How to measure the effectivness of Content Marketing
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How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Despite the title, good information here. Most fascinating piece of information provided in the Infographic (made by GenYMedium) is the number of blogs on the Interwebs. Also, there's some great info on the frequency with which readers consume blog content, as well as traffic stats (which to companies = lead generation potential) for companies who blog vs. the ones that dont.

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This Infographic Explains What Native Advertising Is

Native advertising is hot right now even if nobody knows exactly what it is. One ad firm has attempted to solve that problem with this infographic. #Advertising #Marketing #NativeAdvertising