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Robert Montgomery "works in a poetic and melancholic post-situationist tradition"

Robert Montgomery neon light word art - the people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive

Robert Montgomery - 20 Incredible Artists Using Neon | Complex

20 Incredible Artists Using NeonRobert Montgomery

'the strange new music of the crying songs of the people we left behind mixing as your boat touches stone here as my new bones touch your bones' LED light installation by ROB MONTGOMERY for the KOCHI-MUZIRIS BIENNALE

Robert Montgomery

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This so often comes up when coaching executives //Street Message by Robert Montgomery

Street Message by Robert Montgomery 'you will have to learn to look at the sky again. you will have to learn to eat food that grows where you live again, you will have to touch what you make'

Robert Montgomery

Urban Poetry

When we are sleeping, aeroplanes carry memories of the horrors we have given our silent consent to into the night sky of our cities, and leave them there to gather like clouds and condense into our dreams before morning - Robert Montgomery

Some days you win and some days you get your soul pureed and served to you in a melancholy milkshake. #nightvale

Some days you win. and some days you get your soul pureed & served to you in a melancholy milkshake.

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"A cliche' is an expression or idea grown stale through overuse. Cliches' in language are tired expressions that have faded like old photographs"(Rottenberg, Winchell, pg

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"if people sat outside and looked at the stars every night. I bet they would live life a lot differently." so true.

What the f*ck have you done.  from : Heartbeats - Фотографии

What the fuck have you done - WTF - Neon Lights — Luces de Neón