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hahah true. very true.

You know you're a Nurse if you know it's a full moon without looking at the sky. #Nurses #Nursing #MedlineU

It is certainly not for the lovely hours and great pay raises!

hahah I don't think he's too happy about this

Peace out.


Labor and Delivery Nurses, perfectly describes what we do and why we do it. =)

Janny Marie ❤️

Nursing Humor


Yep....infants are strange beings......and the conversations with their parents are just straight up hilarious sometimes!!!

True story.

forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace AND I AM AT PEACE .

Michigan State Burp Cloth - Hahahahaha!

Be kind.

Nurses ensuring you are just a touch less dead :) The things they never told you in nursing school!



Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people quote


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I am going to have to go back and watch both of these movies and see if this is for real... so crazy..

Nurse humor.