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oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May.

Lightning. Giant bolts of electricity coming down from the sky to ruin the fuck out of your day! - j

lightning | Rogalist's Wish 2 Be Places | |

A single lightning bolt climbs the ash cloud of erupting Grímsvötn volcano, Iceland seen from nearby Vatnajökull, on May 22, 2011.

LIGHTNINT TALK event! sixteen five-minute talks in a ninety-minute time slot: one night inviting STUDENTS to give short presentations on topics they are passionate about, or things they are working on, immediatley exposes people to a breadth of ideas so if they dont want to come to one of our events because of the topic, this way they are coming to Buchanan and not stuck with an evening of one topic.

lightning strike whew! Strike while the Iron is Hot,

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Lightning can strike the same place more than once. The Empire State Building is struck about 100 times a year.