I have never been able to do a fishtail braid, but maybe this will help!


If you're looking for a sleek and simple way to pull your hair back, this is it! #beauty #style #howto

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omg!! finally learned how to do the fishtail braid...she made it so easy

fishtail french braid

This is cute and simple

20 Clever And Interesting Tutorials For Your Hairstyle

There are so many different braids out there — how many can you create? Everyone wants to master the new trendy style before a new one is invented. So, we've broken down every kind of plait (with gorgeous real-girl pictures and tutorials) for hairstyle inspiration. See photos of inside-out braids, dutch braids, milkmaid braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, mermaid braids, ladder braids, carousel braids, snake braids, five-strand braids, cornrows, and crown braids.

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DIY: Split and braid your hair into two sections and tie with a rubberband. Twist the braid away from your face and then twist the flat iron onto your hair in the same direction your hair is twisted. Do not touch rubberband or else you will get that weird crease. Repeat this process twice! After hair is cooled, then take them out and run your fingers through the braid. Saw this on Rachel Ray Show. It gives you nice beachy waves!

The Classic French Braid Tutorial

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Step-by-step for herringbone braid

Tutorial for braiding the hair crown

This Braid Bun is so cute and hides the hair tie

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How to do Chinese Staircase Braid Hairstyle. I made this up a while ago and have never seen it before...