Have your family and friends in the background of the first kiss instead of the officiant.... I love this idea!

Absolutely must do! Bride's parents & Groom's parents! Generation kiss!

the kiss

Best Friend picture...I love this!

Two pictures - one to get the bride's entrance, and one to capture the groom's reaction.

Fun save-the-dates

semicircle seating so everyone can see

" After the kiss, be ready for this; the couple will smile as they walk down the aisle. And that is your cue to toss high in the air, these petals of love for this happiest pair!!" Absolutely love this.

table numbers as different years, with pictures of bride and groom from that year. cute.

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

How To Pull Off An Appropriate First Kiss -- A few good tips for that picture-perfect moment.

DIY: Ask your photographer to do this! It's a long exposure shot with sparklers. All they had to do was stand there very still and someone else ran around them with a sparkler. It's like a fairy tale!

How adorable. Mother-in-law gift.

A handfasting ceremony is an ancient marriage ritual made popular in Ireland and Scottland during the Early Christian period. This symbolic lashing together of the couple's hands is the origin of the familiar expression, "tying the knot". Interesting and inexpensive alternative to a unity candle.

Cute thank you cards

I totally wannt this for my wedding :D

Lol. To all my friends.

so cuuute. it's perfect fit

bridesmaid bangle

I want this photo.. i love when he kisses my forehead