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16 Unfortunate Misuses of Punctuation: Only non-trespassing violators will be prosecuted

Why punctuation matters! Funny poster!

Punctuation saves lives!

Trapped! Punctuation game is a super fun online game that provides great practice in punctuation skills.

....Actually, that would be "Punctuation. It's important." .... good grief....

Blooms Taxonomy Cheat Sheets


I mean c'mon.

Whole Brain Teaching Air Punctuation! I am totally in love with this idea!!

Ha! If you had, you would have done WELL on it.....


see how silly it looks? spell things correctly, please. while you're at it, use proper grammar & punctuation as well. thanks.

what is worse the spelling or the fact someone underlined the word? either way, I would have to say it does............

Hmm...I can think of certain individuals...

Their, there, they're.

Terrific list of books for teaching point of view...take this list to your librarian!!


One on the misuse of apostrophes for @Suzan Hutter Hutter St Maur