I have to admit that a little part of me really wants to try this.

19 of the Worst Eyebrows Ever! This is so great!!!

17 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Epic Failures . #3, #5 & #8 Just Blew Me Away Laughing!

I'm sorry, what? Gross.......

Oh my goodness...I laughed so hard....ditto after realizing what the seeds were, sometimes I don't make the connection right away....but laugh I did.

A girl can only dream.


This is so accurate it's scary.

I'd be like, " Did my nails last night . I just love Bruno Mars ! " And then everyone would think I was the goddess of nail polish and they'd all bow down to me and my ultimate nail design skills . Thank you, yours truly - Casey Mayes <3


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we all have that one friend...

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All. The. Time.

This took me too long....duh

yup lol!!

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