2 - koi fish pond, symbol of love and friendship in japanese culture, wealth and prosperity in chinese culture

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Feng Shui Fish

Técnicas de Caligrafía / Calligraphy Techniques Japanese calligraphy

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Wagasa | Japanese umbrella

how to feng shui for wealth with natural feng shui cures, plants, citrus fruits and aquarium tanks with koi fish

Some features of the Japanese garden are the temple bell, the canyons with spring-flowering trees, stone lanterns and pagodas. The Japanese house exhibits elements of traditional Japanese life

Japanese Koi fish in the river under a bridge. Beautiful.

Γγρ│ Feng Shui Symbols

Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 - One of the principles of Japanese gardens is to frame the view from the house

Japanese carp streamer -------- #japan #japanese

Old Japanese travel poster from 1930s

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Fūrin (japanese wind chimes): It's easy to be glib about zen..

Koi in Red #goodcharma #goodcharmastyle

"Lotuses in Hinduism symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth." This is a very pretty flower, so it's symbolization fits it. I love the way it stands out!

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wondering the difference between Japanese fans and Chinese fans

Purple Violet Plant to attract wealth - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Japanese kimono and cherry blossoms