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  • Shelley Inches

    Dog really unimpressed by his piglet friend...

  • atom jack

    depending on the culture, one or both are a delicious meal... - (dogs)(pigs)(pork)(ham)(bacon)(nonvegetarian)(meal)(flesh)(slaughter)(cultural differences)(pets) - #culturaldifferences #dogs #dog #pigs #pig #pork #bacon #ham #nonvegetarian #meal #flesh #slaughter #pets

  • Yasmin Hannah

    boxer and piglet

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I could never look at this picture and not be happy. OMG PIG AND ICE CREAM OMG STOPPPPP CUTENESS OVERLOADDDD

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I'm buying a dog the first chance I have enough time to take care of one, and have a place to put it. THE FIRST CHANCE!

A friend told her dog to smile and this happened - Imgur

"Yes, Mr. Animal Control officer - I suggest you double check the RCW again. It clearly states 'must be leashed and in control at all times' it says nothing about being in 'HUMAN CONTROL'... You have been bested, move on".

ruca bean • sarah yates • a house in the hills

faithful dog....looks exactly like my Rosalie...right down to the red collar and jowls! Love her!

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Are you my pillow? Well actually no choice cause u r now! Peace & comfort among friends! Love it!

Imprinting (Baby-Duck- Syndrome). Growing up with christian parents make people act like christians, when they become adult. They are only able to break out, if they receive a conciousness of the real sense of their life. Hardly 10% of them will do it.