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Dog really unimpressed by his piglet friend...

I could never look at this picture and not be happy

Little lamb and his piglet friend!!

Sloth & his stuffed giraffe. He looks so happy!


only a dog would look cute like this

Why I love dogs so much.

The best wrinkles in the world.: Dad, Animals, Englishbulldog, English Bulldogs, Pet, Puppy, Baby, Its

English Bulldog puppy

English Bulldog

I'm buying a dog the first chance I have enough time to take care of one, and have a place to put it. THE FIRST CHANCE!: Doggie, Animals, Sweet, Dogs, Best Friends, Pets, Puppy

#English #Bulldogs

#English #Bulldog

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?? Little Beagle puppy face. I have to squeeze him!

#English #Bulldog

"A friend told her dog to smile and this happened." Wow. I'm actually impressed. This dog smiles bigger than a human being.

This is one of the most adorable little creatures I've ever seen! #dog #puppy #cute

Guilty Dogs

Puppy love

faithful dog