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Stickers! I wonder if my parents still have my old collection of sticker books? I had so many! Cherished each and every sticker!

US 1776 - 1976 Bicentennial Quarter - I collected them for a long time, finally cashed them in. One year, my collection got us back to KS from FL, because we ran out of money!

"Joseph's Collection": includes intact bird skeleton, muskrat jaw, coyote jaw, heron leg bones, deer ribs, beaver skull, catfish skull, bass spine, turtle breastbone, northern pike head and spine, green frog skeleton, squirrel skull, baby raccoon skull, raccoon skull, northern pike jaw. Photo by Mary Jo Hoffman

Such a cute idea - collect heart-shaped rocks and display them in glass jar. Now if only I can find a jar with the word "love" etched on it!

100 Best Classy Nail Arts That You Will Love - 2017

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