Crochet terms translation in French Spanish, English, German, Italian and American

A list with crochet terms in 7 languages. Portugese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Polish.

crochet terms in five languages - Häkelbegriffe in fünf Sprachen

Symboles de crochets et leurs traductions à épingler pour plus tard !

How to make a "Finse" granny square. It's in a different language, but the images look pretty clear.

afghan free pattern

A very simple baby blanket worked in all DC, with a super-easy way to add color by weaving chains through the stitches. Free tutorial from Pysseldrommar - use Google translate, but photos are self-explanatory . . . . ღTrish W ~ . . . . #crochet #afghan #throw

Looks like a very simple stitch, would be pretty as a scarf.

häkeln abkürzungen endlich verstehe ichn die englischen Anleitungen....

The most useful chart any crocheter can have! Crochet Hook Sizes (US, UK and metric) and Crochet Terminology (US and UK). I use the crochet hook chart ALL the time when designing. Printer-friendly version available (both as an image and as a PDF). #crochethook #crochet #crochetterminology

Crochet Spanish Symbols English ❥

Crochet symbols and names in spanish and english (USA & U.K) / Símbolos de ganchillo y nomenclatura en español e inglés

Crochet Symbols Spanish - English ❥ 4U // hf

Knitting Tip - Accentuated Decreasing

Swedish - American - English crochet terms... You never know where you will find a pattern...

Basic Crochet Terms Translated

HaakKamer7: Translation Stitches-Helpful translations from Dutch to British English and American English crochet terms

British & American Crochet Terms. we speak the same language, but often we mean different things...same with crochet terms, so here's a little something to help us all get along better.

Símbolos de puntos de ganchillo