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String a needle through and hang! - so easy...why have I never thought of this!

String a needle through and hang! So easy.why have I never thought of this? Add glow sticks and you have awesome lights! I am going to do this with orange balloons and add glow sticks and pumpkin faces for trunk or treat.

DIY: Dip Dyed Cupcake Wrappers

Dip Dye Cupcake Liners ~ with food coloring. They’re prettier than plain white cupcake liners, but far less expensive than the printed ones that are available

Can you skip to helium and inflate baking soda and vinegar to inflate balloons? I'm going to have to test out this theory.  "Problem: Some people have it right… you can inflate a balloon with this method of mixing baking soda and vinegar together.  This works because the bubbling “volcano” reaction creates carbon dioxide.  However unfortunately, carbon dioxide is not a lighter gas than the air we breath, so it can’t float...."

Fill a balloon without helium

No helium needed to fill balloons. just vinegar and baking soda!No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply

What a fun decoration for a beach bash or end of the year party! I love this!! I will definitely be doing this when we have our first pool party!!!! Gorilla glue or double sided duck tape should work great!

Make a Beach Ball Party Arch

Love the Arch Idea! Beach Ball Arch - Another fun way to enhance any summer pool party. Use Dollar Store inner-tubes between each beach ball. Some double-sided tape holds them in place.

DIY String Art Kit Love Sign.  This Kit comes with high quality embroidery floss, metallic wire nails, instructions, pattern, and a beautiful HAND sanded and HAND stained wood board.  It's an artsy, creative, fun arts and crafts DIY project that you can hang in your house in less than one day! By String of the Art

Red and White Love String Art Kit

DIY String Art Kit - Love Sign - Includes Nails, Red and White String, Stained Wood, Instructions, and Pattern

String Art Sunflower - String Art DIY Kit - DIY Crafts - Home Decor - DIY Decor - You can make this yourself. Click on the picture and learn how you can string this beautiful sunflower!

Sunflower String Art Kit

Create this beautiful Sunflower String Art Kit that way you can hang it up for display. The Sunflower’s eye popping colors nailed to a beautiful piece of stained wood is unique home decor that only yo

||sticks and stones will break your bones, but the words of a witch can kill you||

Rose Quartz Astrology Set of 24

Rose Quartz Astrology Rune Stone set - Symbols included are the 12 Zodiacal Signs and 12 Symbols are Planetary Correspondents.

DIY Circus Tent Look - starts with a hula-hoop and several roles of crepe paper.  Once you have them all attached to the hula-hoop you raise it into place and then magic!

Party Prop: Start with a hula-hoop and several rolls of crepe paper. After attaching one end of each crepe paper roll to the hula-hoop, raise the hula-hoop into place. Twirl crepe paper and attach ends to walls.

How to Make a Balloon Arch | DIY Party by shelly

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