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Fancy Hems by Luzine Happel. Schwalm whitework embroidery is often used to adorn tablecloths, table runners, and household linens of various kinds. Besides the beautiful and lace-like embroidery featured on Schwalm pieces, Schwalm work often depends upon the finishing of the embroidered piece with a fancy hem.


Schwalm Embroidery: A Reader’s Masterpiece & Some Resources

Schwalm Embroidery Table Runner


Drawn Thread Embroidery: Zig-Zags and Corners

Drawn Thread Embroidery: Working Zig-Zags & Corners.

Insertion seams tutorial - technique in which the edges of two pieces of fabric are joined with an embroidery stitch, leaving a slight gap and creating a lacy effect

Les Jour Cilaos ...3 ~ step-by-step photo tutorial of two different square drawn thread filling patterns (in French) ~ by Dentelle et Broderie


Hemstitch in Drawn Thread Embroidery – Photo Tutorial

Hemstitch in Drawn Thread Embroidery – Photo Tutorial – Needle’


Stitch Fun: Guilloche Stitch

Stitch Play: Guilloche Stitch – xn--needlenthread...


Drawn Thread Embroidery



Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials

Drawn Thread Embroidery Tutorials for securing edges with re-weaving, securing edges with satin stitch, hemstitching, chain loop bunches, a sampler update diaond stitch, coral knot bunches, zig-zags , a simple treatment with coral knots and how to do drawn thread embroidery on gingham.