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This updo is done a little more intricately than my usual hairstyles. By that I mean it’s broken down into a few extra steps by creating and wrapping a numbe...

The braid on the top is a looped through trick with regular fishtail at the bottom. This could work or with a regular braid at the bottom. Or the braids could end at the nape of the neck and the length smoothed (think tree trunks and branches)

50 Cute and Trendy Updos for Long Hair

YES!! This is the style I'm going for, I think, but with a fancy hair ornament, either a comb or bobby pins, added to the top of the bun bit. I can't decide whether the bun should be towards the side or more centered. -Katie

Ich befürchte das man für diese Frisur, im Fall das man sie bei sich selbst macht, ein wenig Fingerspitzengefühl braucht damit sie aussieht, aber mit ein wenig Übung wird das sicher gelingen.