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DIY Inspiration for Using Toys in Unique Ways. $600 Toy Car Wall... (TrueBlueMeAndYou: DIYs for Creative People)

Goneril and Regan are the two evil sisters in the play who team up together to take down their father. It becomes incredibly ironic when they end up turning against each other and break the sisterly bond that is suppose to be one of the strongest of all.

I make excuses everyday because that’s how my mind is however I control my thoughts and actions so therefore I get up and Go At It even though my mind say's "am too tired, keep laying down, let’s do it tomorrow". When you can overcome your thoughts then you can change and control your behavior. I guess that’s why I love cognitive behavior.

These are painters' tarps procured very economically at Home Depot. They make great outdoor curtains for an open patio.

I cant wait to use this . I have to share this ! Anyone can first love !! Michelle will love this. Gotta get this going today! Where is your love? .

This four-tier shelving unit with bulging leather shelves by Belgium designer Damien Gernay is on display at London's Mint shop this month.