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    True. LOL!!

    That is hilarious!

    this seems to apply to any guy @Miranda Marrs Marrs Cathryn and I have a crush on. You don't get your real name until you prove your worth

    The last one XD


    True Story

    Steph/Lisa...I laughed when I read this, since I did exactly what it says! Thanks for turning me onto a show, I never thought I would like.

    hahahaha so true!

    Wine and friends are a great blend

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    so true

    This describes my sisters and me perfectly. We can be cracking up and people just roll their eyes... which, of course, is just hilarious!

    This applies to so many people though... lol #someecards

    I have a hard time making friends because I suffer from RBFS - Resting Bitch Face Syndrome. I'm not mad at anyone - that's just the way my face looks


    HAHAHAHA! Been there done that.

    [Sad but so true :')] Short people problem #89: You get happy when you see people shorter than you.

    I like the "said no one ever" ones