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"Want to learn English ?" The worlds funniest commercial..... hahahahahahahaha

Hilarious commercial for English language training in the Netherlands - WorkLAD - Lad Banter Funny LAD Pics

Amstel Beer Commercial Romantic Men - YouTube

Amstel Bier - If you don't know me by now - Cheers!

Puppets can't eat (Wheat Thins). If you're anything like us, the sight of Cookie Monster stuffing his mouth with cookies he'd never be able to swallow really bothered you.     Read more: http://www.marketingprofs.com/chirp/2013/10480/social-skim-facebook-home-linkedin-mentions-twitter-reports-steve-jobs-week-in-social#ixzz2PkFHFe14

#Social Skim: Facebook Home, LinkedIn Mentions, Twitter Reports, Steve Jobs... The Week in Social

John is a puppet. And puppets cant eat Wheat Thins. Watch as two doctors do the math for him.

VW's Passat "That's what he says?" TV spot strikes a familiar nerve. We have all mangled a popular lyric at one time. VW ads are a perennial favorite.

I love the "Rocketman" lyrics in the Volkwagen Passat commercial!

FedEx Pigeon Superbowl Commercial

The new FedEx pigeon SuperBowl Commercial. Giant pigeons drop stuff on cars

Tomtom Yoda

One of the funniest commercials I've seen. TomTom GPS behind the scenes recording with Yoda.

Funny Carlsberg TV commercial 2013 - Best Friends - YouTube

The new Carlsberg TV ad would you help your best friend stuck in a poker game without any money and some nice guys arround?

This design inspires us to drink heineken as it shows young people enjoying themselves and convinces people that drinking it will also make them have a good time.

Hilarious Heineken Advertisement about the difference between men and women.And how life is "Always Better Alongside Girlfriends"

Simon Cowell & David Walliams On The Jonathan Ross Show 24.3.12

Simon Cowell & David Walliams On The Jonathan Ross Show

The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Essentially “The Martian”

The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Essentially "The Martian"

Only instead of Mars, it's the moon. Spoilers if you haven't seen the John Lewis ad yet. (Also, spoilers for The Martian.