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Also, Heimdahl's Ottoman!! My green vanquishing boots shall NEVER rest anywhere else!

Thor's Secret? His unbreakable thong. Cue Sisqo song.

True origins of Tony Stark's alcohol abuse.

Hercules arrives at the Muncie, Indiana visitors bureau.

Sorry buddy. They're all on Tinder these days.

Must have run out of Avengers that day.

You should hear their Yo Momma snaps. Stone Cold!

Interview Swag

Parker's got some mad game with the ladies.

That’ll Teach You Not To Mess With David Letterman

The benefits of the new Nissan Leaf Motorcycle were immediately apparent during his nightly crime watch.

George Clooney has really upped his home security system.

My response to the new Star Wars trailer.

Clock King always says he's the inspiration for that Green Day song. Doesn't he know he looks foolish when he says that?

I shall long remember the day that big haired blonde in the tattered minidress floated away under her helicopter umbrella. Said no one ever.

The Odinson doth not wish to dine at Olive Garden again for all eternity.

It was at that moment that I spontaneously proposed.

They'll take care of any criminal monkey business.

That's what you get for your all-night Netflix binge. I mean really, all 6 seasons of That's So Raven?

This quinceañera just got serious.

Yeah but ask Plas to help paint your living room and he suddenly has plans.

Eating won't fill the void inside you, Diana. Just call Trevor already.

All that soluble fiber means a trip to the Bat-Room in about 30 minutes.

🎶I feel average! Oh so average!🎶

And I read Highlights For Kids! for the poignant political commentary.