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Quickly you fools!

the world’s Mightiest Heroes & Doctor Doom (from Infinity Gauntlet #3 - September 1991) by George Perez - Prepare thyselves for battle most fierce and awesome."

Daredevil vs. Bullseye — Daredevil #181 (April 1982), art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

Wolverine by John Romita Jr. & Dan Green

Galactus (from Fantastic Four #121 - April 1972) by John Buscema - "Did you not know? Could you not guess? Who but Galactus can shatter a world? Though he was not an angel, Gabriel did not lie! He warned the earth of doom... and that is what Galactus brings you now!"

Loki vs. the Mighty Thor - "I do what I want, Thor!"

Doctor Doom

Batman #406 (April 1987) - "Year One, Chapter III: Black Dawn" - art by David Mazzuchelli, words by Frank Miller

And that, Victor, is why you should never tweet when you've been drinking.

Cyclops by Jay Gavin & Dick Ayers, from X-Men #18 (March 1966)

The Invincible IRON-MAN

The Invincible IRON-MAN

Black Panther by Jerry Bingham & Gene Day

Cable by Greg Capullo - "Who did you expect?"

Galactus By Jack Kirby

Batman 423 Dave Cockrum (Pencils), Mike DeCarlo (Inks) & Adrienne Roy (Colors)

Power Man #17 (February 1973), art by George Tuska & Billy Graham, words by Len Wein

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