Doctor Doom by Jack Kirby

Daredevil vs. Bullseye — Daredevil #181 (April 1982), art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

Wolverine by John Romita Jr. & Dan Green

Loki vs. the Mighty Thor - "I do what I want, Thor!"

Galactus (from Fantastic Four #121 - April 1972) by John Buscema - "Did you not know? Could you not guess? Who but Galactus can shatter a world? Though he was not an angel, Gabriel did not lie! He warned the earth of doom... and that is what Galactus brings you now!"

the Ultimate Fantastic Four vs. Super Skrull

And that, Victor, is why you should never tweet when you've been drinking.

Batman #406 (April 1987) - "Year One, Chapter III: Black Dawn" - art by David Mazzuchelli, words by Frank Miller

Doctor Doom

Batman 423 Dave Cockrum (Pencils), Mike DeCarlo (Inks) & Adrienne Roy (Colors)


Supergirl by John Byrne & John Beatty


Cyclops by Jay Gavin & Dick Ayers, from X-Men #18 (March 1966)

Wolverine by Frank Miller & Josef Rubinstein - "I'm the best."

contemplating Doom

The Death Of Elektra Daredevil #181 (April 1982) Art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

The Invincible IRON-MAN

The Invincible IRON-MAN

Galactus By Jack Kirby