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    Quickly you fools!


    Doctor Doom

    Wolverine by John Romita Jr. & Dan Green

    Galactus (from Fantastic Four #121 - April 1972) by John Buscema - "Did you not know? Could you not guess? Who but Galactus can shatter a world? Though he was not an angel, Gabriel did not lie! He warned the earth of doom... and that is what Galactus brings you now!"

    Fantastic Four (with the Black Panther & Storm)

    Medusa (from Fantastic Four #41 - 1965) by Jack Kirby - "Now by simply whirling my hair about like a giant fan, I can scatter your particles all over the room! This is what makes Madam Medusa the most powerful member by far of the Frightful Four!"

    Fantastic Four by Walt Simonson

    Miles Morales // Ultimate Spider-Man by Dave Marquez (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28)

    Galactus By Jack Kirby

    The Death Of Elektra Daredevil #181 (April 1982) Art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

    Ever have that all Crunchberries cereal? It tastes like that.

    Even Latverians were excited about the new season of Arrested Development.

    Cable and Hope by John Romita Jr.

    Captain America


    Doctor Doom Using his Sonic Thingy

    Wolverine (from Marvel Comics Presents #5 - October 1988) by John Buscema - "I'm dyin'!"


    Fantastic Four