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Kurz Film Tage poster by Philipp Herrmann.

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I can definitely get on board with this “Flat out” poster designed by Millie Scarlett Davies.


Attention grammar enthusiasts: the latest exhibit Super Precious Art Gallery is the Punctuation Show, which features 17 pieces by 11 artists, all inspired by punctuation.

Invisible typography design

Mixed Typography Inspiration

Poster by Les graphiquants. In We Were Invited to exhibit at the High School of Art and Design of Le Havre. The exhibition present the fonts That Have Been Drawn .

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Distortion of type.

Karel MARTENS – 2010. Affiche du 21e festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme à Chaumont - impression en quadrichromie

Affiche du festival de Chaumont, 2010 in Graphic Design / Poster Inspiration

Those awards are legit, they got a sans-serif font with the little leaves around it

How To Make A Movie Poster: A Template For Students. Possibility: Make posters for books that aren't being made into movies. Also make a movie trailer on iMovie for the same thing.

Maybe with flying geese? Or just triangles? Cartel

Balance- This poster is an example of symmetrical Balance using color and placement. The reds and blues are balanced vertically on either side of the page, while the triangular shapes are balanced diagonally in a reversed fashion on both sides.

Very geometric layout - very effective use of two colours to create a poster. #editorial #cover #layout

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration - Very geometric layout - very effective use of two colours to create a poster.