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King's Manassa Turquoise Mine cabochons. This mine is also called “Lick Skillet” turquoise. Manassa turquoise is known for its blue-green to green color with a golden or brown, non-webbed matrix. The golden matrix comes from the host rock, rhyolite.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - The Sleeping Beauty mine located in Globe, Arizona is an active mine producing a wide range of turquoise that is highly prized for it's solid soft blue color, with little or no matrix. The color of the turquoise ranges from royal blue to a light sky blue. The mine originally was worked for copper and gold. Recently it has produced gemstone quality turquoise in quantities to satisfy the market. The miners lease portions of the “dumps” and sort turquoise from there.

The Black Widow is a small mine in northeastern Nevada. It is another example of a Nevada “hat mine” which refers to a mine so small that it can be covered with a hat. Other examples of turquoise hat mines include Lander, Godber, Paiute, and perhaps Damele turquoise mines. Black Widow turquoise is usually an attractive and unusual light mint green color with thin webbed and spider-webbed black chert matrix. Mined primarily in the form of small nuggets, most Black Widow cabs are relatively…