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Comic - Land Bridge Theory, Ice Age, and Early Americans

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Comic - Early North American Cultures

Comic - Early North American Cultures - Grade Social Studies - Mound Builders, Inuit, and Anasazi in North America.

Comic - Middle Ages, Silk Road, and Exploration

This is a video I created to introduce the the time period of the Middles Ages to my grade students in South Carolina. It features life during the Middle.

4th grade Social Studies Input

Teaching politics and how are country works is better to start younger! It helps them create opinions and have better knowledge on the country we love in .

The First Americans ! Lesson #3 - The Land Bridge Theory Aim: How did humans get to the Americas?

Native Americans - Land Bridge and the First Settlers of the Americas

Land Bridge Theory Bundle from Tick-Tock Teach! on TeachersNotebook.com (16 pages)

Land Bridge Theory Bundle

Comic - America's New Government and Westward Expansion.  4th Grade Social Studies in South Carolina!

Mexican war apush essay A nite tates istory Long Essay Question beginning with the 2016 AP U. Evaluate the extent to which the Mexican-American War.

4th Grade Frolics - Paper Bag book - good for showing what they know in social studies and science.

Grade Frolics Florida Native American - Paper bag pockets:) could use for the different regions in social studies

Watch this short movie about how and why the First Americans migrated.

Simple animation of land bridge (less than a minute)