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Red pandas have a big bushy tail that helps them balance when they climb trees.

17 Reasons Red Pandas Are Earth-Shatteringly Cute

I will spend more time with animals this year because I always feel better for it. My goal is to do volunteer work at an animal shelter this year because I am an animal lover and I want to give back something to my community :) College of Natu

THE FAIRY SWAN- My Name is Bonnie Anne and I am 60 years old. Disclaimer: All images are copyright to their respective owners. I am not a photographer and give all credit to the gifted artists featured on my page. I edit my headers and background from...

This is pure happiness…

This is pure happiness…

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<b>Seriously, these little guys are everywhere &mdash; you almost kind of forget about them after a while.</b> Let us take this moment to salute the pesky (yet resilient) little Sciuridae in all its goofy, adorable glory.