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Angel Card - Responsibility

My weekly Angel Card pick this week was responsibility. My take on responsibility is that our actions and words can often reflect how people see us. So it is our responsibility to make sure our w…

Angel Card - Enthusiasm

The Angel Card I drew this week was enthusiasm. I have to say I am not the most enthusiastic person in any room. I think I have a sense of humor but I am not a laugh out loud person.

Angel Card - Flexibility

This week my Angel Card was flexibility. If we are talking yoga, which I enjoy, I am not the most flexible in any class. So I guess both physically and mentally flexibility is something I work …

Angel Card - Patience

The card of the week is patience. We all have it and most of the time I imagine it is something we take for granted. Some people seem to have an infinite amount of patience.

Angel Card - Healing

My Angel Card this week was healing. Setting aside the broken bones, unexpected and expected surgeries, chronic illnesses and trauma in general, I want to mull over healing of the soul or spirit.

Angel card - Beauty

This week I pulled out the Angel Card beauty. When people talk about beauty, I often think like art, it can be subjective. I want to put physical beauty aside.

Angel Card - Adventure

This week I drew the Angel Card adventure out.summer is wrapping up and I am hoping you have all had some adventures over the past few months.

Angel Card - Forgiveness

This week I pulled out the Angel Card – forgiveness. My first thought was forgiveness should have been the first card I pulled out. My reasoning behind this is that if we can’t forgi…