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I need these for work!

Banana peel wet floor signs This would be awesome to have school, work, and. anywhere in general


Meanwhile, in Walmart. - Kid sleeping with his head on the ground laying under the shopping cart of an old lady.Only at WalMart

I found this when I searched 'DIY christmas gifts ' hahahahahahahahahahahaha

The AB Hancer

Get killer 6 pack abs without workout fakhouri nishawca sexy-abs workout abs abs abs fitness-are you kidding me? Hes not sexy without the ab hancer

Bundle up!

A Christmas Story:[overdressed for winter] Randy: "I can't put my arms down! put your arms down when you get to school.

Do I look like Phineas & Ferb?

Seriously, Do I?!

seriously though, who has a roller coaster at home? although it would be awesome! (to have a roller coaster at home not trying it at home)

Lets not clutter our desks with coffee anymore! @Lindsay M I think you need this for your starbucks! ;)

Hot Home Office supplies Drink Cup Coffee Mug Desk Lap Folder Table Holder Clip

Heck yeah

So not bored at work. However, I WILL be making animals out of binder clips to adorn my office desk.

Breaking Research | Separable short- and long-term memories can form after a momentous occasion

studying incentive, when you reach a gummybear, you get to eat it. I've been studying wrong my whole life. -this might work as a reading incentive for the kids too (especially for those tough chapter books!

Human Bowling Ball

Play a game of bowling where you are the ball with this inflatable human bowling ball game. This unique inflatable set includes everything you need to play a game of human bowling ball, from the ball itself to the "alley" and the blow up pins.

36 People Who Take Lazy To A Whole New Level 38 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

Laziness meets ingenuity, Me: "What's that pipe on your railing?" Sister: "It's our soda can chute." Edit: This isn't laziness. This is sheer recycling brilliance!

When me and my friend Ana tried making a fort, and when we failed we just sat in a cardboard box

Dorquisha is the shit

Dorquisha the explorer. Yo, where dat map be? I literally just laughed for 10 minutes, my stomach hurts Burck you need to see this, you will die. I seriously can't stop laughing.