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    3y Saved to My Light Side
    • Christopher Minshall

      This. Besides, Intelligence, Kindness and a lively Sense of Humor are more important than physical beauty. The soul's beauty doesn't die easily after a few years on this spinning rock...

    • sophia !!

      You're not ugly, society is! Hmmm i think this will be my rant today... So society serious gives us a really screwed up view of how life should be. i mean society tells us that we need to be super skinny and look a certain way. But really girls just need to see that they are unique no matter what that society needs to get a life or something. Hmm that was just another daily rant! I hope you enjoyed it! :D

    • Annette Garrard

      Society attempts to dictate or impose their form of beauty of us. You are Beautiful.

    • Honey I Ate the Fridge

      You. Are. Beautiful. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Thanks Edie!

    • Spiritedelysiaaway

      <3 This is so true #sadButTrue #ugly #society #beautiful #you

    • bre'an / kindred confetti

      You are beautiful in your own way. Happiness is true beauty.

    • Minty Thomas

      There is beauty in all things, in all people.

    • Maisie Ireland

      quote to use

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    I love this quote. Leadership comes with so many various attributes. It's about rising above and beyond the standard or the norm. Awareness of the world around you, understanding, an open well cultured and developed mind, curiosity, truth, wisdom, kindness, firmness, fairness....the list goes on for ages. Where as most people are followers and have no prominent character traits to show at all.


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