I loved my cabbage patch doll!


New Kids On The Block...omg, loved them lol

use to LOVE these!!

Gave my old one to my kids.

mr rogers <3

I had the preemie and the baby cabbage patch kids. Loved their bald heads and soothers.

V 80's tv show... loved this show:) but had to watch it with my sister because I was scared, but I didn't let it show LOL

Getting a new Cabbage Patch Kid, hanging her birth certificate on the wall, and carrying her around with you everywhere.

80s toys!! nostalgia

Sweet Pickles

Cabbage Patch dolls. My mom made a generic one (we couldn't afford to buy one) and when I had saved enough money from my paper route, I went and bought a real one.

I had these little cabbage patch dolls that velcro'd into the house.

images of 1960's toys - Bing Images....one of my faves when I was a kid :)

This is Christmas

Rainbow Brite!

Rainbow brite


Funny to see them now

Cabbage Patch Kids

trolls <3