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30 Undeniable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True

This is so true! Well, except if I'm really far away from something, it might look like multiple things.

Umm no:) please just treat me the way I am in person.. Forget these stupid quotes or some of my online posts. I was just messing with some peoples heads. Never did I think the person I care about:) would think all these are true and really are how I am.. :) get to know me and you'll see all this is just to keep most at bay till I'm ready to see in person. Or just for fun. And didn't realize how many actually peep on each other. I'm trying to clean my pintrest but if I miss something? Manners...


True 90's kids will understand.

True 90's kids will understand....yup....Im a 90s kid...may still have a Stussy shirt in the closet!