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TATA! CONGRATULATIONS! The new calf is T065A5 and the believed mother is T065A who was born in 1986 and now has four offspring.

WOW! After "Iceberg" and "Lemon" there are two more white russian Orcas. Spotted yesterday, August 29th, near southern Kuril Islands. Maybe Mom and calf.

CA140B and her young calf CA140B1. The calf was first seen on March 9 off Newport Beach, according to Alisa Schulman-Janiger, making it just over 9 weeks since first photographed.

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Frans de Waal - Public Page ORCAMEETING Russian Orcas writes: "Why do orcas sometimes gather in large aggregations? For the same reasons as we humans do - to meet each other, to socialize, to experience an occasional affair... They get especially excited when they meet groups coming from far away."

Echo J42 and Slick J16 by SRKWs, via Flickr "Echo(left) mimics her mother, Slick, in an inverted tail slap."

female orca L55 Nugget, born 1977, showing both sides of her gray saddle patch, Boundary Pass north of Turn Point, San Juan Islands by Andrew Reding | Flickr...