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Remembering Spring Storybook Cottage Series original water… | Flickr

My cottages are inspired by Deco era graphics and vintage cards. The little red roof homes are poster children for the less is more mindset.

alida akers иллюстратор: 5 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Between the mountains and the river sits a gardener's cottage. Each square foot of the postage size yard boasts some growing thing.and if you can find him some hopping thing. The latest in my series of vintage storybook inspired watercolors.



"Triad" Original Oil Painting John-Richard Collection

"Sparse Strand" Original Modern Oil Painting

"Triad" original oil painting John-Richard collection is the perfect centerpiece for your home.

a bunny of a morning storybook series

A Bunny of a Morning Storybook Cottage Series ~ Alida Akers Alida can always find something different to put in a cottage painting, and make it look like it was always there.