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SINGAPORE - One of 25 dolphins being transferred to a Singapore oceanarium despite protests from activists in the Philippines died during its flight to the city-state on Thursday, the resort said. Wen Wen, a male dolphin aged about 10, died suddenly less than an hour before the flight from the Philippines landed, a Marine Life Park spokesperson told AFP in a statement.

Over 90% of SeaWorld's orca's have not survived beyond 25 years. In the wild, a female orca can live up to 80-90 years! Captivity kills - Don't buy a ticket to sea parks!

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PHOTOS: The World's 100 Most Threatened Species

Scientific Name: Aythya innotata Common Name: Madagascar Pochard Category: Bird Population: Approximately 20 mature individuals Threats To Survival: Habitat degradation due to slash-and-burn agriculture, hunting, and fishing / introduced fish

Tilikum, The world's largest Killer Whale in captivity. I feel so bad for him. SeaWorld, you are terrible. It's your fault Dawn Brancheau died. You knew Tilikum had already killed 2 other people, and yet you allowed trainers to interact with him anyway. Shame on you for making this beautiful animal a slave to entertainment.

A Day in the Life of Lolita, the Performing Orca - YouTube. #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect

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Cruel Japanese fishermen pick 25 dolphins for aquarium life from a captive pod of 250 as remainder face 'mass slaughter'

The bottlenose dolphins have been selected for a life of captivity in aquariums and marine parks ahead of a 'mass slaughter', it is claimed.