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sample- is a part of the target population that represents it accuratly (savannah Wilson chpt. 29)

Food: Hominy Porrige Comfort food for a rainy day, no chicken soup for us in the tropics - too thin. Our comfort food in full of gumption, thick and hearty You need to use a pressure cooker to cook the corn first and then add the rest of the ingredients - evaporated milk, coconut milk Flavored with grated nutmeg, cinnamon leaves and vanilla and sweeten to taste with condensed milk Delicious

To me, Malaysia is all about the diversity of cultures mixing together so well, this pic shows that through the street food, which is a range of foods from different ethnicity's, and enjoyed by everyone, a very social and yummy way to eat meals.

The diet you should eat to be in great shape, lose weight easily, sleep like a baby and have more energy than the Energizer bunny is the diet provided by mother nature that we’ve been eating for millions of years before argiculture. Do you feel left on your own with your quest for health without much people to help you? Like & Re-Pin ♥♥♥

shrimp springrolls. strobist info: reflector to the left, 580EXII yongnuo triggered with shoot through umbrella. By: NickNguyen